Here We Go Again.

I can’t quite get this blog thing down. I am always reading others blogs., which are amazing but can’t get down to doing my own.

I am in the process of loading quilts onto my long arm and will share pictures when they have been put together. Believe it or not, these are the quilts I mentioned in my post of last year. I did finish one quilt be hand which turned out so cute. It is a touchy feely quilt for a baby. I will post a picture of that.

I have made squares similar for another baby quilt to be put together. I love doing the embroidery thing for quilts. It makes them so personal.


The BIG Move

I have moved to Nebraska since my last post.  I bought a 110 year old church with converted living quarters.  It is really a fantastic place, with NO ghosts, I might add.  The town is very small but very nice.  It is quite an adjustment since I was born and raised and have lived 70 years in Southern California.  Have had snow and ice, both of which I am not accustomed to.  No snowmen for me.  I had to struggle not to fall on the ice..  

I have gotten most of my sewing machines set up and have made 5 quilt tops.  I do not have the 12 ft quilting table set up and have to find a space for it.  Once that is up and quilts are done I will post pictures.  The is a quilting guild here and a museum with some very old, hand-sewn quilts.  Have to drive at least 35 miles to get to any kind of fabric shop and 90 miles to get to a Joann’s.  Fortunately, Hobby Lobby is the 35 miles as is Walmart for fabric.  This is when you go to resale shops and buy old shirts and cut up for quilting fabric.  Works really well and get a nice variety of fabric designs. 

More later.  Enjoy the good spring weather and have fun.  Life is not as long as you think.!!




Putting Together an Ikea Table

I bought an Ikea console table on Friday and I am getting ready to put it together.  Uh-Oh, no instructions in the box.  This has delayed my mess quilt.  I will get to it and post the pictures of how many storage containers I have of scraps.  I guess I should sell them on eBay or Etsy like I have seen some people post.  I guess I am just too attached.  I figure I have about 10 quilts worth of scraps. 

Well, I guess it is back to the table!!!!!!!!!!!


Pouring Rain and Planning a New Quilt.

It is pouring rain in So. California.  Last week it was in the 80’s and today it is pouring rain and is in the 50’s.  You have got to love California.  Actually, I really do love Ca.  The weather is great, and the entertainment within 60 miles from where I live is a great variety.

No plans to start or finish a quilt today or tomorrow.  Going to cut some fabric and make a mess quilt out of all my scraps.  I currently have about 4 plastic bins full of scraps of all sorts and sizes.  I will definitely post pictures tomorrow before I start this quilt and as I go along.  I plan to cut squares of 8″ once I get them sewn together.

Maybe more rain tomorrow, or who knows could be in the 80″s again.


Long Arm Sewing Machine

Well, I, unfortunately have to sell my long arm sewing machine.  It is a Juki 2200 with a 12′ table, but I am running out of room in my house.  It sure makes quilting a lot easier and prettier.  I love the stipple on it as you can be done in about an hour with a very large quilt.  I have just overwhelmed myself with too many sewing and embroidery machines, fabric and supplies.  In the two years I have had this machine, I have completed more quilts than I did in the last 10 years.  Life goes on.  Whoever buys it will get a great deal.  I have always taken good care of my machines, cleaning them after each use and covering them up to keep out dust or in my case, cat hair.  My cat will miss it too.  He likes to sleep on the table in the warm sun.  Silly CAT!

Christmas Quilt in March

This is a looong way behind quilt.  I started this quilt with the above and some 2 1/2″ strips, but now I am not sure.  I have change my mind, again, and will be changing the entire design.  We can always save these squared for another quilt.  The only problem is, now what do I do.  I need specific colors for the room this will be added to.  So I will be at Hobby Lobby or Joann’s. 

African Quilt

My granddaughter went to Africa last summer for a medical internship from Johns Hopkins University.  She fell in love with Africa and the people there.  When she came back, she asked for a quilt with an African theme.  So obviously to add to her ever changing themes of quilts, this is the one I made her.  All of the squares were 8″ squares, with some cut into triangles.  (NOTE TO Self –  Take pictures of fabric before sewing of embroidery.)  I  then embroidered the elephant, giraffe, and appliqued the rest to give more depth and color.  It turned out very well and the pictures do not do it justice.

Fly Away Quilt

Love this quilt with it’s bright colors and flappy wings.  It is a great quilt for kids and babies because they can hold onto the wings.  Another pattern from

I made this for my cousins baby.  It has an African thems on the  printed fabrics.   This is a great and quick pattern as all of the blocks are the same size and you fold them to bet the wings.  You can either stitch the wings down or let them flap.  I like the flap so the baby has something to grasp.  Enjoy.